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There is a famous phrase that says that ‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’.  Whether your home is in England or elsewhere in the UK, it can represent the greatest investment you will make. Choosing a contractor to repair your home is a task to be taken with meticulous diligence.

This philosophy applies whether you are a home-owner or a landlord. Do you require cracked walls, structural crack repairs or structural waterproofing?  If so you will need to make sure that you find a building contractor with approved contractor status you can depend on to strengthen and repair your building properly.

When selecting a structural repair contractor, you should make sure that he is qualified and has approved contractor status and experience that is apt for the scope of repair works required. After all, you would not use a plumber to rewire your house!  You are advised to check them out thoroughly before employing them. If you employ a reputable and experienced contractor, the risk of something going wrong will be greatly reduced.

The structural integrity of a building is something not to be taken with levity.  If the building or its foundations have moved, then works should be undertaken to strengthen and stabilise it before the problem deteriorates further. The services of a structural repairs specialist may be needed to diagnose the precise cause of building defects and to design or approve repair specifications.

Contractor members of the structural repairs association have registered their skill sets.  In doing so, they have confirmed their understanding of all legislative, conceptual and practical issues connected with their trade and their competence in resolving the most difficult issues of re-establishing structural integrity.  This is why we can confidently choose one of these registered contractor members, safe in the knowledge that your home will be ‘as safe as houses’ for many years.

Members of these associations are encouraged to offer insurance backed guarantees.  Insured guarantees safeguard home-owners in the event that a contractor ceases to trade.

Having a good understanding of local building regulations and building control requirements is important. Members regularly communicate with their associations to keep them informed of any regulation updates and any changes to building control issues.

Be confident that you will experience a courteous and professional attitude by all members of these associations when repairing the walls or foundations of your home.

Make sure you use known companies to find a member service for help in selecting a registered contractor member near you.

Here at structural engineering services all of our engineers have the approved contractor status. We take pride in providing our engineers with all the latest information and courses to keep them on top of their game. If you’re looking for a structural engineer or architect then we can help so get in contact today.