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A Building Subsidence Survey – All You Need to Know

Have you had that horrible feeling of starting to suppose your house is…well sinking? You’ll have noticed the tell-tale signs and have begun to worry. Well, if so, it’s essential that you get a certified professional to complete a building subsidence survey. Here, we are going to take a glance at what these surveys consist of and explain the ins and outs of them.

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What is Building Subsidence?

Building subsidence refers to a downward motion of a building like it’s sinking into the ground beneath it. Once it starts to occur, what will look like the tiniest of subsidence will in truth have large consequences on the structural integrity of the building and also the safety of its occupants. There are several signs of building subsidence, which include diagonal cracks, and windows and doors sticking out or to their frames, among others.

If you believe your building has been struck by building subsidence, it’s time to seek fast action and get a building subsidence survey underway.

Here at Structural Engineering Services, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to help with building subsidence in London and the surrounding areas.

What is a Building Subsidence Survey?

A Building Subsidence Survey involves a structural engineer assessing your property to see whether or not it’s experiencing subsidence, and if so, to what degree and areas the subsidence is going on.

This survey will be a thorough and careful examination of the property. The examination also determines if the present subsidence will progress to become a serious issue – i.e. if it’ll create an unsafe and inhabitable environment. The engineer will then be ready to inform you of any corrective work which will need to be addressed.

Our building subsidence specialists team have carried out successful inspections in areas such as London, Oxford, Aylesbury, Luton, Watford, Guildford and many more.

What Does a Building Subsidence Survey Involve?

The engineer at the start will perform a cosmetic review by viewing the property’s walls, flooring and ceilings. they will sometimes go deeper and examine hidden components of your property on occasions.

Structural engineer’s carrying out such surveys don’t always act alone. Subject to the cause and extent of the problem, alternative professionals may have to participate in the assessment. If nearby forestry is the cause of your building subsidence, a tree surgeon may be required. If the characteristic point to drainage systems as potential causes of the problem, a second opinion from a drainage specialist will be needed.

What to Do if the Engineer Offers You a Quote to Correct Any Issues?

It is very likely that upon engineer finishing your survey you will be given a quote to mend your sinking property. Our advice would be to take what the engineers quote as a template to compare to whilst shopping around. Albeit, we wouldn’t suggest waiting too long as rectifying building subsidence ought to be a priority.

Structural Engineering Services offer you a quote to match the standard of our work, in and around the surrounding areas London such as Kingston, Richmond, Epsom, Croydon and many more we offer building subsidence inspection callouts quickly for your convenience.

Accurate and Trustworthy Building Subsidence Surveys

If you’re attempting to hunt out an expert building subsidence surveyor, you spend some time doing some research. Such a vital inspection needs to be conducted by an extremely practised professional engineer. Choosing cheaper surveyors might miss out on necessary aspects of your subsidence issue meaning the work carried out may not meet regulation and will have to be re-done.

Our Structural Engineering Services building subsidence specialist team are fully qualified and have the experience from hundreds of inspections as far as Milton Keynes, Winchester, Whitchurch, Crawley, Sevenoaks and more.

If you’re in need of an expert to survey your building subsidence we can help today!

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