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How Structural House Designs Have Changed

As a consequence of technology improvement and population change, the structural design has also been changing over the years.

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Cast Iron Houses

After the first world war, there was a shortage of housing and building materials. Britain was in need of homes that could be under construction quickly, easily and affordable. As a result of population increase, structural engineers in London have been innovative with their designs.

Materials such as steel, concrete and timber are now popular amongst local councils. This is because they are easily accessible and less time when it comes to building modern property. Dudley council decided to try cast iron, hoping it would revive the local iron industry. Between 1925 and 1928, four cast iron houses were built on the Brewery Fields Estate. it took a week for a team of 4 men to bolt together the 600 panels that created each pair of homes.

The completed buildings were a lot bigger than the pre-war working class homes. In addition, they had indoor bathrooms, large windows which let in light while running water. As a result, this was a real improvement on pre-war slum housing. Building out of cast iron is expensive, it cost £1000 for each pair of houses, twice the price of similar brick houses. The council decided to return to traditional materials. The four houses were rented out to those who could afford the higher rent, such as policemen and shop-keepers. These houses were in use until 1987 when Health Inspectors marked them for demolition. Houses have been under construction out of numerous different materials over the years. if you are looking to have a new home design, contact us to discuss the most suitable materials and design for today’s living.

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