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Structural Engineer Costs

Structural engineer cost can be obtained by discussing your project with us. With our expertise, we can provide a range of drawings for a variety of purposes including basements and loft conversions. We can provide expert knowledge and advice along the way.

Costs are as follows:

Cost of a loft conversion

Loft conversion structural cost

From £1250

Side ground floor icon

Side Ground Floor Extension cost

From £1000

Read ground floor icon

Rear Ground Floor Extension cost

From £1000

Basement conversion icon

Basement Excavation structural cost

From £2500

Additional Services structural costs

  • Party walls: £120 p/h
  • Temporary works: £120 p/h
  • Steel works connections: £100 p/h
  • Site visits: from £300
  • Internal minor alterations: £450
  • Checking engineering services: £100 p/h
  • New house: from £2500
  • Build over details: £300
  • Letter of comfort: £350