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The iconic Hammersmith bridge constructed in 1824 was closed today for an unforeseen amount of time.

The closure has caused massive disruptions to traffic as the bridge is the main route into Hammersmith, on average 20,000 vehicles cross the bridge into Hammersmith daily, however the bridge remains open to cyclists and pedestrians.

The nearly 140 year old bridge is in desperate repair as the steels have badly corroded, the stone has worn away and also has developed sway in heavy weather. Due to the government issuing budget cuts to TFL (transport for london) the organisation haven’t been able to allocate enough funds for regular maintenance of the bridge which has lead to the closure.

The council had previously set strict rules for passage over the bridge such as one bus at a time, no lorries and a limited amount of cars at one time but the rules were repeatedly broken. Not only did this mean that the bridges structural integrity was put under more stress but it also put regular users of the bridge in danger.

The expected cost to repair the bridge is roughly 40 million pounds which needs to be approved by central government but hasn’t because of the budget cuts that TFL that have occurred.

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