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This case study covers a holiday home structural engineering in the lake district 

Pentney Holiday Home is a weekend house positioned by a lake in Lake District National Park area.

The interesting fact about this building is that the client is at the same time and the architect of the project. He has more than 20 years of experience and a lot of projects in his career.

This is one storey holiday home with a view to the lake. The main construction is in steel with four meters cantilevers on both sides. The floor is made of timber floor joists and the roof is made of timber flat roof joists. The partitions inside are made of 100mm in width stud walls.

The biggest challenge in this project was the 4 meters cantilevers on both sides of the building.

We have achieved this with continues steel beams with sections 2/PFC 300 x 90 x 41.

The length of the continues steel beams is approximately 20 meters and because of this reason, there was a need for splice connections along the beams.  

The foundations of this building are made of 8 pad bases connected with strip foundations to each other. There are also 8 steel columns encased in concrete on the top of the pad bases. These columns are supporting the continues beams and the structure above. The building works were recently finished, and you can see the house on the picture below.

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