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The project was a large two-storey rear extension SL6 area that will significantly increase living space and value of the property. The nature of the project and architectural desires of the client meant that the project presented some engineering challenges. One example is the new large flat cranked roof that spanned the entirety of the house and was necessary for providing adequate headspace at first-floor level and also meet the clients wishes when it came to aesthetic of the final product. This required a complete frame design for the new structure so frame analysis and individual member calculations had to be carried out.

Another challenge was the large bi-fold corner doors to the rear of the extension where a corner post was not wanted so a large cantilevered steel frame would be required to achieve an open corner which will look visually impressive when complete. The cantilevered frame will completely support the corner of the house at first-floor level. The complicated design and unusual circumstances meant that frequent liaison with client and architect was needed throughout the design stages. Further complications came during construction and design had to be adapted to efficiently incorporate existing and new structural elements of the house. Use of existing elements meant that costs were reduced for the client both on materials and labour for construction.

As well as the extension, there were internal alterations needed to achieve the open plan design desired by the client. In total this took around 17 steel calculations with connection detail. Timber sizes were also calculated for the large span for new floor and roof to the extension.

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