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A common question that arises when it comes to creating extra space within your property is how much things cost.  

Many different costs come into play when it comes to conversions or extensions; this article will focus on the main factors that affect loft conversion cost. 
Loft conversion cost can be broken down into four – five different elements; Architectural drawings, planning permission, structural design, building control and construction. 
Architectural drawings cost
If you do not already have architectural plans and are starting from scratch, then the place to start would be to get your design done. 
The cost of your architectural drawings depends on a few factors such as the size or your property and your ideas.   
Planning permission cost
The price of planning permission should be included in your loft conversion cost as it is usually required if your design changes the exterior of your property.
The standard rate for planning permission is £226.
Structural design cost
Once your architectural drawings and planning permission processes have been completed, the next stage is to get the structural designs incorporated into the design. 
Depending on your design and the number of calculations needed the price will vary. 
Building Control
After your structural plans have been completed, you will have a build ready package. Before you commence building control will need to be notified. Building control will come out to the property and inspect the works to make sure they match the work.
After you have spoken to building control, you will be able to contact contractors for quotes who will carry out the construction works.
It’s difficult to put an exact figure on a loft conversion cost because different variables will affect the overall price.  
Here at Structural Engineering Services, we have our own in house architects and structural engineers that will be able to provide architectural and structural plans alongside planning permission assistance.
For more information feel free to contact us for a free consultation on your loft conversion project via telephone, live chat or email.