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The skyline of London may very well be getting a brand new and surely unique addition in the form of a 1000ft (305m) tourist attraction named The Tulip.

This spectacular building from the creative mind of the renowned 83-year-old Sir Normal Foster is planned to be constructed beside his other creation the gherkin.

The London Tulip skyscraper project has come under repeated fire by critics and has also been rejected by planning as it didn’t comply with regulations.

Critics have repeatedly stated that The London Tulip skyscraper will “harm” protected views of the Tower of London, also creating a “confined” and “potentially unsafe pedestrian environment” at the foot of the building.

The tourist built property also failed planning as the original idea was to charge a visit fee, this went against The London Plan published by the Mayor of London in December 2017. Part of the London Plan calls for free access to public areas in tall buildings.

Foster and partners the architecture firm behind the designs took the criticism and went back to the drawing board, they returned with a new plan to make the building an educational environment by providing 20,000 free school visits a year for schools around the UK, this delighted the planning office and at the start of 2019 the plans were green-lit and the project was given the go ahead.

The London Tulip skyscrapers design is unique in the fact that it’s 305m above ground and only consists of 8 floors!

Visitors are ferried up to the viewing floors in large lifts; the eight floors have a range of activities such as a bar, restaurants, internal slides, an education zone and the main attraction of transparent pods that circle the outside of the building.

The Tulip is set to start construction in 2020; the building is just a few feet smaller than the Shard making it the second tallest building in the UK. The Shard took a total of 3 years to complete, the build time on the London Tulip project is thought to be slightly longer due to the complexity of the design.

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