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At Structural Engineering Services we have a team of structural engineers who work in partnership with surveyors and architects. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our constructional experts are fully committed to giving you the best you ever imagine. Based in Staines you can walk up to our office to discuss your construction project further with us without paying. Yes, you heard me free of charge. Come to our offices and discuss your project with as much free coffee and biscuits as you like, we have a nice meeting room available! Our outstanding engineers handle numerous complex projects while maintaining a 100% success rate.

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It is always imperative you seek an expert advice to put you through, you need not worry, however seeking expert advice is the most considerate thing to do. Construction is not simple and easy as people speculate, mostly by individuals who have little or no knowledge of the construction industry. Construction can be very an expensive and challenging process even though it is a worthy investment to venture in. Without receiving expert advice from a knowledgeable structural engineer your construction may end up in complete failure.

It is of great importance to notify a construction company of the project on time about 6 weeks before the commencement of the project. This will allow the construction company take the necessary structural calculations or structural survey costs to ascertain the money required. Outlined below are the reasons why you should contact us before embarking on your project.

Most successful construction projects do not come too easy it requires effort, time, resource and expertise. However, the size of the project does not matter be it a new building, basement, extensions and loft conversions. Our architects and contractors are also key players that ensure the defined project strategy meets the customer’s expectations.
Every construction project has set goals and objectives while deadlines are also a high priority. During the course of the construction project, structural engineers still get in touch with clients for constructional management reasons while monitoring progress. This prevents constructional problems during or after the project.

We ensure we meet deadlines as agreed. Budget is critical in every construction project all expense made are well documented for transparency.
These are some of the cogent reasons why you should visit our office. This will allow smooth transition during the course of the project.

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Based in the UK, Structural engineering services specialise in creating reliable, practical structural designs and calculations across the world. Our structural engineers work with different building types while drawing structural calculations for an extensive variety of purposes; Including swimming pools, basements, loft conversions, extensions, new build homes and commercial projects. Structural engineering services’ senior engineers have over twenty years of experience in the industry, working closely with designers, architects, builders, residential and commercial property landlords.

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“Great efficient service overall. Found the team to be friendly and helpful particularly Sop Samay. Will recommend to others and use again.”

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“The team provides a very prompt service and quick feedback, professional. Will work again in future!”

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“The SES team were so efficient, we called up and spoke to a qualified engineer straight away, they understood our requirements and visited us the next day. After a couple of days, we had our initial drawings and were able to continue with our building works, Communication was excellent and the team very friendly and helpful.”

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“Excellent professinal service, very good advice and well organsied company.”

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