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There are an abundance of structural differences when it comes to the comparing and contrasting of old and new build houses. While reasons for purchasing either an old or a newly built property vary immensely, both forms of purchases should keep the build’s structure under close consideration in order to make a smart buy.

Old Build Homes
old build home

Old build homes are preferred by some buyers for their lower prices, typically large and spacious living areas, thick brick or stone walls, long driveways and ample parking space, large garden areas, unique and renowned architectural charm, and much more. In all, old build homes can provide a buyer with a large, strong and charming property.

Due to the combination of the large size of a period house and its comparably poorer heating system, however, utility bills for these properties tend to be quite high. In the same vein, due to years of wear and tear, these old build houses are known for the expensive maintenance costs they tend to incur. As a further cost racking aspect to consider, old homes usually require a fair amount of renovations to be conducted in order to have them up to desired living standards.

New Build Homes
new build home

New build homes are able to offer their owners a new, modern and easily personalised living environment. In addition, newly built homes are extremely more energy efficient than old build homes and are known for being much more cost effective in regards to utility bills, along with coming with attractive 10 year warranties. In has been found by Home Builders Federation that new build homes are able to save their owners an average of £629 on yearly energy bills when compared to old build home owners.

Newly built homes, while holding a modern and clean aesthetic, are most often than not constructed using plasterboard materials which means walls are thin and less structurally solid, however. They are also on average more expensive than old build homes. For example, a one-bedroom new build flat in London tends to be around £137,000 more expensive than a one-bedroom old build house in the same area.

The Importance of Structural Reports

As you can see, there are both great benefits and considerable cons when it comes to purchasing either an old or new build home. That’s why such a decision needs to be made with careful consideration in order for your purchase to be one which comfortably suits you, your preferences and your budget. With either decision, however, the conductance of a professional property report is always advised.

structural report
What is a Structural Report?

A structural report is a non-intrusive means to conduct a comprehensive analysis of a property. It investigates the current structural condition of a property, giving focus to its condition and adequacy of the load-bearing elements. Structural reports can be both general or specific, yet in both cases, the account will make recommendations for solutions to any identified problems.


For more information of what exactly a structural report is, please feel free to browse our structural reports service page.

Structural reports are a vital pre-purchase undertaking which are able to provide the buyer with an accurate and comprehensive analysis of a property’s condition. Many newly built homes benefit from a structural report to ensure they have been built correctly, while old build homes require a structural report to identify any areas which are due a renovation. Being aware of any potential faults with the house or any repairs which may be likely to be necessary in the near future is a powerful way to be able to negotiate on a property’s price. An analysis of this nature is able to provide a buyer with the opportunity to either re-negotiate the price as a means to cover a repair costs necessary, or cancel a sale offer altogether. Calculating the realistic costs of maintaining a property will save a buyer money in the long run and provide them with the opportunity to understand if the purchase of a property is realistic and feasible for them. Whether looking to purchase an old or new build home, structural reports are crucial to ensure a well-maintained or well-constructed property is purchased.


For further information regarding structural reports, please feel free to get in contact with our Structural Engineering Services team.