Basement Architects

We offer a range of extension services that will prove particularly helpful with your extension project.

Basement Architects

Basement architect is just as it sounds; it is an architect for basements. They are qualified professionals who specialise in basement plans, basement planning permission and basement regulation plans for below ground extensions. Your basement architect will work with you, to help you with your basement plans, the basement planning permission process and basement regulation plans to create that extra space you always dreamed of. Inspired Plans are delighted to be able to provide you with your own personal basement architect to help you with all the aspects of your project especially the basement plans and basement planning permission to ensure that your basement regulation plans meet standards.
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Basement Planning Permission

Basement Planning Permission

Designing a basement extension can be difficult due to the nature of the build. A basement will have no natural light or ventilation source, so you must make sure that you hire a qualified basement architect who has extensive knowledge of the basement planning permission process, who will ensure that the basement plans for your new living space comply with basement planning permission regulations New basements can be added to any home with a sound structure via excavation or digging, below your current house. You would need to obtain basement planning permission, like any other home extension, which your basement architect will help you prepare your basement plans, and submit your request.

Basement Regulation Plans

Once your basement planning permission has been approved its time to start building your basement. Your basement architect will need to make sure that the materials used to build your dream extension are fully able to withstand the pressure or load of your home, as well as being environmentally suitable to comply with basement building regulations. Our basement architects have considerable experience with over 100 basements regulation plans being approved. Your new basement being waterproof is not only beneficial to you and your family but is also legally necessary, our basement architect will be able to professionally ensure that your new plans are structurally viable and your basement regulation plans comply with building regulations. With Inspired Plans, you can be sure to get the best basement architectural services in London to help add a charming and effective new space to your home.
Basement Regulation Plans

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