Our basement services engineers design many structural basement projects and have a vast knowledge of experience in this field. We design multi-depth basements, as well as a vast array of single depth projects.

Basement Services

Our structural engineers’ design both new and retrofit basements for either commercial or domestic use including basements under gardens. Structural engineering services include site investigation reports, trial holes, party wall monitoring and site visits throughout the construction phase. We have experience with various underpinning methods, including those in difficult ground conditions. Our work also involves properties that have experienced movement and require the traditional underpinning.

Basement Services

Basement Solutions & Costs

Basement Design Solutions

There are numerous ways to design a basement while our structural engineers evaluate the ease of construction. Also, the feasibility and cost of the project will get taken into account. A carefully and well-thought-out structural basement design can limit expenditure on build costs. Consequently, the project time frame can be condensed as well.

Free Quote Service

We offer a free quote service where you can call or message us to discuss your ideas so we can answer any queries you have, by appointment, we visit your property and from there draw up a quote.

Estimated Costs

On an estimated basis, the guideline of how we usually charge dependent on size and ground conditions is as follows:

  • Retrofit basement or basement dugout where no basement exists, underpinning the walls for 2/3 rooms plus a shower room: From £120,000.00
  • Excavating and casting a basement on a new build property: From £150,000.00
  • Excavation and installation of a basement swimming pool: From £600,000.00
Basements Structural Services

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