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Structural Report: Proposed External Inspection

Proposed External Inspection of front Entrance Porce and Surrounding Structure

The structural inspection report has been prepared on the instructions of Stefan Lopez-Cortezo, our client. We have been requested by our client to carry out a site visit with a view to looking at the current condition of the front bay entrance structure to the property as there has been some excessive recent movement to this area. The visual survey was undertaken on the afternoon of the 7th of February 2019. The inspection took place externally and the weather was cold and sunny. No intrusive investigations were carried out at this stage.

The following other limitations in respect of this report should also be noted: The inspection was carried out from Ground floor level externally. The inspection was of a purely visual nature. Services within and to the property have not been inspected. In accordance with our standard practice we must point out that this report is based upon our inspection of the premises and any other information made available to us, both written and oral, which we have assumed to be correct.
This report is intended primarily for information and is to be read in conjunction with any other specialist reports and investigations.

Front Proch Area Milton Road

Project Details:

Structural Letter Report: Site Inspection 

Completion Date: February 2020

Building Type: Residential

Project Type: Structural Report

Location: Milton Road, London

Structural Engineer: John Murphy

Brief Description of The Existing Property

The existing property is a two-story terraced house located on London. The property is formed in load bearing masonry walls typically 225mm wide with timber floors and roof construction. The internal walls are a combination of timber and masonry. The adjacent property No.57 is of a similar form of construction with a ground floor bay window similar to No.59

To the front of the property is an entrance porch area which is formed in masonry with masonry arches supported off cast iron columns which are built off rendered brick plinths. There has been significant movement to the entrance porch area and this applies to both No.57 and 59.

External Inspection of Porch Structure at Ground and 1st Floor:

There are areas of significant cracking and movement generally to the porch area and the porch masonry has pulled away from the main front wall. There is also cracking to the internal walls as you enter the properties.

The three supporting cast iron columns have suffered from water ingress and at their bases have begun to fail with large areas of rusting steel visible and loss of material which eventually will lead to the main support members to fail structurally.


  • Due to the level of major and extensive cracking and movement evident and localized distortion to the entrance porch
    support structure we would recommend the following works are carried out.
  • Carefully take down the front porch masonry and store stone elements and store for later reuse. The three cast iron columns will need to be removed and replaced with similar sections. The plinths at lower level can be retained and reused.
  • Try to salvage as many existing bricks as is possible also for later reuse. The new support columns will be sourced from an Architectural metal supplier and installed off the existing low-level plinths.
  • The new columns will need 250mm x 250mm x 10.0mm thick base and cap plates and will need at least 4 resin bolt fixings into the stone plinths and the high-level stonework. The baseplates can be hidden by increasing the level of render on the plinths and at cap plate level the cap plate can be recessed into the existing stonework.
  • The cracking to the existing walls can be stitched using stainless steel heli-bars. (See figures 1 and 2). Appended to the report is a brief method statement on the tie installation.
  • The newly rebuilt porch masonry should be tied back to the existing front wall using Ancon or similar wall ties. These should be installed at 450mm horizontal and 225mm vertical centres.

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