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A lot of engineering firms are known for not offering residential services. However, at Structural Engineering services, we carry out a critical review and evaluation of the homeowner and the residential market at large, and this is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make some of your technician engineers undergo series of trainings to aid their expertise in providing residential services.

As a company offering engineering services, we take huge value in the business of our homeowner, and our team of engineers is proud to always render their services at this sector. Here’s a review of the operation our team perform for residential homeowners; we kick-start with on-site assessment of the engineering work. Our well equipped and trained group of structural engineers begin the work by making a site visit to the homeowner’s property. While at it, a survey is been carried out to assess the concerned areas and also the extent to which the structural problems have gone.

After conducting a site investigation, our group of structural engineers sit down to prepare a report indicating several findings that were unveiled at the on-site survey and also the possible cause of the problems and the solutions that can mitigate the damages or eradicate it completely. Our clients are provided with a report of the existing conditions of the site with photographs.  

Why the need to hire a structural engineer?

Selling or Purchasing a home

There have been instances where we’ve been called to carry out an evaluation on a potential issue that was unveiled after our team inspected a home. In cases like this, the homeowner always wants to place the home out for sale. After the completion of a general home inspection, the services of a residential structural engineer or a team of structural engineers is always important and warranted. It’s important to understand that the work of a home inspector does not get the point of diagnosing or assessing structural related problems, only a structural engineer that has undergone training and has been licensed can carry out an evaluation and provide accurate report and solutions for a home seller or a client looking to purchase.

Renovation projects in view

If you have been making plans to carry out a renovation on your home, and it involves making big changes like cutting or removing load-bearing walls, expanding the living space with rooms containing wide open Windows and spaces, your best option may be to consider hiring a residential structural engineer. Irrespective of the type of huge renovation you’re trying to make in your home, you’re going to require permit documents for engineering works and designs. The building department in your locality needs to see a professional and licensed engineer stamp before any major renovation or construction can proceed.

We’re aren’t concerned about modern homes alone, even older ones that were constructed in the 70s also require the services of a structural engineer. This is because these homes have been built a long time ago with no prescriptive building pattern or method. As of today, rules have been set by local and state building department to ensure that each home is built following a prescriptive building pattern. A licensed and well trained residential engineer can only get this done for you, and this service, of course, is been offered in our company.

If you require residential structural engineering services then we’re more than happy to help, we offer free consultations for both our engineers and architect services and are contactable via the contact form, telephone or live chat.