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At SES no job is too big or too small. We undertake structural surveys for football stadiums, theatres, and other commercial public venues. Our experience from domestic properties to large scale commercial projects means we have extensive knowledge in creating accurate detailed reports.

When taking a commercial property into consideration, we believe that having a survey undertaken is absolutely crucial. Here are three reasons why it’s important for a football club to have a structural survey:


  1. Health and Safety.


Any potential claims can have a massive impact to your business’s growth. To protect the profit and the success of your business a structural survey is a must for any business owner. You will find that a building regulations officer will require a copy of a structural survey to ensure that the safety of the building meets UK building regulations.


A building used for commercial purposes means that it’s paramount you’re abiding to certain legislation, with the priority being correct health and safety. A surveyor will be able to identify any potential hazards which could pose a threat to the general public and be will outline any necessary action to be carried out so that the building is structurally sound. The survey can also be used as evidence to the council that the building has been assessed and approved by a qualified surveyor.


  1. Reputation


With health and safety being at the forefront when managing and maintaining a football club, your business’s reputation is an important factor to take into consideration. Any claim made against your business will impact its reputation and consequentially your business’s profit. Long legal battles and insurance claims are timely, stressful and costly. Most importantly, they can be completely avoided if correct checks are carried out.

A trained surveyor provides you with detailed information about what issues are unique to your commercial property. You will be able to make informed decisions that will enable you to keep your reputation intact and prevent your insurance premium from increasing.


  1. Financial Security

A building survey is essential to clarify in detail the condition of the building. Because of the nature of commercial leases, whereby a tenant is often liable for repairs to the premises, its crucial to get a full structural survey which details any potential works before committing to a property lease. For tenants, it is important to understand future repair liabilities and how the implications of this can affect lease negotiations and for those wishing to purchase a property, it can assist with the possibility of a lower price being accepted by the vendor.

For landlords, it protects you legally knowing you have carried out a full survey as suggestions for remedial works may be given in the report. This can give you the opportunity to carry out any necessary works before leasing out the property to a future tenant. A building survey will provide a detailed report on the condition of a building, highlighting any defects, outlining the current condition and advising if any maintenance will be required in the future. The report will state what the building is constructed from, if any hazardous material, such as asbestos, is present.

If you are in the market for a structural survey for football stadiums we have specialist structural repair engineers and also architects that will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

To find out what’s included in a structural surveys click here, where you can find out more information or contact us for a quote.