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Basement in Edinburgh – EH1 1YJ

Basement in Edinburgh – EH1 1YJ

Requirement: Basement in Edinburgh – EH1
1YJ Our Input: We were asked to consult on the viability of creating a
Basement in Edinburgh – EH1 1YJ. We found a foundation in great condition,
which required propping and shoring to create a suitable foundation extension
to build the basement. Procedure: The general or standard procedure for
building a basement is to: Assess the conditions, manage the risks, check
planning permission requirements, once planning app approved,  shell and core structure, waterproofing,
fitout and enjoy your new-found space! How we did: We used our decades of
experience to advise on the best path forward for the basement to be built
safely, cost effectively and to the highest standard. Are you interested in
building a Basement in Edinburgh – EH1 1YJ? Structural Engineering Services
create calculations using computer-aided designs giving us an in-depth
understanding of the building. We work hard to make our clients’ ideas and
visions to come to life. Our structural engineers work with architects on a
daily basis, which allows us to deliver 3D designs on numerous building
types. Our structural engineer team has put in the long hours to
master their disciplines. When we employ we insist on the very best of the
best.  How to get in touch: Call Us on
0333 444 0355 or mail us on hello@structuralengineeringservices.co.uk. Random
Testimonial: “Structural Engineering Services understand structure
very well and always specifies steels that are ‘right’ for the job as opposed
to churning out the same old schemes that work structurally but are not in
the best interests of the build. We like to use certain steels/layouts on our
projects and Structural Engineering Services always tried to accommodate our
requests after checking that they work from an engineer’s perspective. Some
engineers are rigid in their approach but Structural Engineering Services are
very flexible and helpful which can save a whole lot of time and money on a
job and they often produce drawings and supporting calculations in a matter
of days which is a real bonus. I can’t recommend these engineers highly