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An enquiry came through our Live Chat platform, the enquiry was for a new property that had just been purchased in the TW18 postcode, the work that the customers wanted was to get some wall removal calculations which would enable them to remove two of the load bearing walls that separated the kitchen to the front room.

A structural engineer was quickly sent out to the property because it fell within our quick response catchment area* and the property was inspected. After a quick walkthrough of the property and a look at the floor plans of the property which were provided by the homeowner, the engineer got to work and started a survey.

The survey consisted of measuring the walls on the ground floor and calculating the loads for the beams that will be used in order to support the first floor after the walls have been removed. The loads were calculated by looking at the layout of the first floor, determining whether or not the placement of the walls on the first floor need to be considered alongside the measurements of the rooms downstairs.

The engineer then returned to the office and drew up the calculations, this process took approximately one day. Once the plans had been released the property owner can call in a contractor to carry out the wall removal safely.

If you’re looking to have some walls removed in your property it’s vital that you enlist the help of a structural engineer. If load bearing walls are removed without the proper reinforcement your property an expect some nasty issues to arise.

Here at Structural Engineering Services, we have fully qualified structural engineers and architects that have plenty of experience with wall removal calculations. If you have any questions or enquiries feel free to contact us, we are available to chat through our live chat platform, through the contact form and by telephone.