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Most people wouldn’t dream of buying a used car or gadget without first getting it thoroughly checked by the experts. If it is a second-hand car than most people would prefer going to the mechanic to get the car checked in detail before finalizing the deal. Yet when it comes to buying a house, which is one of the most- if not the most- biggest financial deal for many, a surprisingly huge number of people don’t get their houses checked by building survey experts before buying them. 

What is Structural Survey about?

Structural survey- also known as building survey is the thorough and wide ranging inspection of the property that evaluates the property’s condition and construction and unbiased value of the property. A comprehensive report is made after the detailed survey and describes the condition of the house, types of damages or defects in the property, cost to repair the damages, the urgency of the repair, and maintenance repair.

The structural survey can be of three types:

  • Full building survey- that’s the most comprehensive type of survey done on older properties.
  • Homebuyer survey- this survey is comparatively less detailed and usually done on the modern properties.
  • Snagging survey- This survey pertains to the inspection and reporting of any outstanding snagging works to new building projects which are just completed.

A building survey has conducted the professionals in their field that are known as Chartered Surveyors.

What full Structural Report consists of?

The survey inspects all the visible part of property such as roofs, floors, windows, doors, chimneys, cellars, plumbing, and electrical wires. It’s the legal responsibility of the Surveyor to actively check for any defect or damage that even includes cupboards and manholes. The customer can also add any customized check if they wish to. As there is no specific format for the report, the Surveyor can modify the building survey as per the customer’s need.

How is Building Survey done?

Building survey typically consists of Chartered Building Surveyor visiting the property and spending considerable time inside and outside the property to make visual checks and observations. It might take a day or two and on the basis of the observation, the survey report is compiled.


Structural Survey important for what sort of buildings?

A building survey is essential for all sorts of properties, even if it’s a brand new one. However, it is highly recommended for buildings that are:

  • Buildings that are on the list of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.
  • An unusually constructed building.
  • Property that is over 50 years old.
  • Property that customer wants to renovate.
  • The building that has been already re-structured.

Although getting a structural survey done by reputable experts can be expensive but it is quite crucial as buying a house is a life time investment and may help in avoiding any nasty surprises that may cost even more than getting the structural survey done. Hence it’s an investment worth making. So make sure to get the structural survey done on the property by the reliable Chartered Surveyors who are regulated by RIC (it’s an organization that sets the guidance for surveyors) so that the advice that a customer is getting is the best one for them.

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