Why should you get a house extension?

Why should get a house extension?

A house extension is a way to add space to your house without the hassle of having to move house. 

You will need to consider a few things before you commit to getting your house extended, such as budget, planning permission and time constraints. 

For many extensions you will need planning permission. Unless you are only extending your detached home by 8m for a single storey property and 3m for double stored. If you live in a semi or a terrace it is reduced to 6m. The height restrictions are no more than 4m for a single storey. It must not be higher than the original property. If you own a listed building or live in a conservation area this rule may not apply to you and you will need planning permission for any work. 

Before starting any work it is key to ensure your plans do not exceed this amount or that you apply for the correct planning permissions prior to building. You will need to ensure your plans comply with building regulations. Whoever does the work can self-certify that it meets these regulations or you can use the council’s building control officers to certify it. If requirements aren’t met you will potentially have to take the building down. 

Think about your timeline for your build, will this impact your life greatly or will you be able to get by with the house being extended whilst you’re living there? If you usually work from home, think about how the noise would affect your day. Although you should be able to stay at your property during the build there may be a few days where you will need to find somewhere else to stay so make sure to add it in your budget.

When you are planning your extension, think about how much value it can add to your property. You could get an estate agent to value your property and consider your plans to see how much your house would be worth if you added this aspect. Although the sole purpose of the extension isn’t to add value, you may be desperate for the space, you would like to be sure that you would get a return on your investment if you ever did decide to sell your property. 

Take into consideration your budget, you may want to hire an architect to map out your plans, but remember this will add a considerable amount as you will have to pay their fees. You may also need to hire a structural engineer to draw up plans to get building regulation approval. When choosing a builder make sure to hire someone reliable and shop around for quotes before hiring anyone. 

Although there are a lot of things to consider, once you have decided to go ahead with your extension there are plenty of professionals that can help make the process smoother. From Structural engineers to builders, they will all know what they are doing and be able to guide you through the process. 

Just think how much you will enjoy your new space!

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